About Brian

Brian was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. He was a Boy Scout in Troop 606 from Webelos in 5th grade until he turned 18, eventually rising up to leadership positions. His best memory from Boy Scouts is the 10-day hiking trip to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico during summer 2000.

Growing up, Brian was always around computers. His family had a TRS-80 in the house as long back as he can remember. He built his first computer from spare parts and dabbled in computer programming starting in middle school. In high school Brian took four semesters of programming classes which cemented his interest in the field.

At Southeast High School in Wichita, Brian participated in varsity soccer and wrestling. Additionally, he was in the school choir for all four years. He graduated in 2001.

In the summers of 2001-2003 Brian worked for the City of Wichita Parks Department, where he was on a team tasked with taking care of all the high profile lawns in downtown Wichita. Mondays were spent pushing a lawn mower all day, Tuesdays and Wednesdays were spent trimming and edging, and Thursdays and Fridays were spent doing miscellaneous tasks such as repairing sprinkler systems and picking up litter (He once found a $175 Best Buy gift certificate while picking up litter in a downtown parking lot and used it to purchase a Sega Dreamcast).

After high school Brian attended Kansas State University where he earned a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering. While in college he was a member of the KSU Parachute Club which owned and operated its own drop zone in Wamego, KS. He made about 35 jumps while a member of the club, all without any significant injury. He did, however, land on a bale of hay on his very first jump, and promptly toppled off of it. After relocating to Arizona he made another 20 jumps at Skydive Arizona (Eloy) and Desert Skydiving Center (Buckeye), eventually completing his A license.

From May 2004 until he moved to Arizona in May 2006, Brian worked at Wizard's Electronic Repair Center in Manhattan, KS. Using schematics and his own ingenuity, he repaired all kinds of electronic equipment: from VCRs, DVD players and televisions to car stereos and professional speakers and amplifiers.

In April 2006, Brian accepted an electrical engineering position at General Dynamics (GD) and moved to the Phoenix area. He began his career at GD on a team that was developing a brand new encryption chip. He was fortunate to begin his employment while the project was in its infancy, and to see it through to completion. Being able to hold a working computer chip in his hand that he worked on over a period of two years was an incredible experience. Today the chip is being put into military radios to protect classified information.

Brian took his first foray into politics when he became a Republican Precinct Committeeman in 2007. A year later he was elected as Chairman of the district organization which included the south Scottsdale portion of District 24 (at age 25 he was the youngest district Chairman in Arizona).

His interest in leadership and public policy growing, Brian decided to make a career shift. In 2010 he left General Dynamics and entered law school at Arizona State University. He currently has one more year of classes before graduation.

In his free time Brian enjoys playing sports and other outdoor activities including flag football, softball, ultimate frisbee, snowboarding, hiking and biking. Around the house Brian has always been a fan of playing video games. In recent history his main video game of choice has been Call of Duty, however since beginning law school his playing time has been extremely limited. Now when there's free time around the house he's more interested in doing little home improvement projects than playing video games.

Brian lives in a house near Papago Park with his two miniature poodles (Lilly left, Dylan right)