A strong GOP voice for central Phoenix and south Scottsdale.
  • Support and improve public school performance
  • Focus on private sector job creation
  • Save money by demanding greater efficiency and eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse within government
  • Keep the budget balanced and grow the rainy-day fund
  • Hold the line against tax increases

Please check out the following news items related to the campaign:

Election is Over -- THANK YOU!

As most are aware, the election has come and gone. As of this writing I have received over 18,000 votes and they are still counting. While an impressive number, it is sadly not enough to win the election.

I would like to thank all the supporters who helped in the final weeks of the election. I am proud of everyone involved from the bottom of my heart.

Now it's back to school, with finals coming up at the beginning of December. Thanks again!

Last Minute Voting Info

If you still have an early ballot, it has to be TO THE ELECTIONS DEPARTMENT by election day (Tuesday the 6th). So, be sure to get your ballot in the mail no later than Friday November 2nd.

If you do not get your early ballot turned in before Friday, you can take it to your normal polling location on Tuesday the 6th (find your polling location here)

If you have lost your early ballot, you can still go to your polling location on Tuesday the 6th and vote a provisional ballot.

It is extremely critical that you vote in this election, so please do what it takes! If you need a ride or have any other questions please call or e-mail me. And again, please remember if you want to support me to vote only for me for state house even though you can vote for two people.

Final GOTV Info

We will be doing almost constant GOTV calling and walking starting Saturday morning and going through the Election. Please e-mail or call me for info if you'd like to help. Anything you can do is helpful!

We will be stationed primarily at my house, but if you'd like to call from your home we can accommodate that.

We also have a few yard signs left we need to get in yards.

A Note on Voting for State Rep

You get to vote for two people for State Representative, but if you want to support me I really need you to only cast a single vote (for me). A second vote for State Representative essentially cancels out your first vote for me, and hurts my chances of being elected.

Need GOTV Help

If you can help with our Get Out the Vote effort, please contact me ASAP. We have phone calls to be made and neighborhoods that need to be walked.

Campaign in Full Swing

The campaign is in full swing as I continue walking neighborhoods every evening I can, and Augustine and I continue to hold walking events every Saturday.

This Saturday, October 6th, we'll meet at my house (1815 N 50th St Phoenix, AZ 85008) at 9:30am to walk. We'll have coffee beforehand and lunch afterwards.

I also really need to get yard signs out, so please contact me to have some delivered. It helps to if you can put one out, but also if you can get some of your neighbors to put them up too!

Signs Going Up

Auggie and I have been getting our signs up over the last couple of weeks. See the pics below. We both have a ton of yard signs to get out, so let me know if you'd like one for your yard. We could also use help getting them out to your neighbors as well.

Clean Elections Funding Received

I finished collecting $5 donations for Clean Elections last week and received my check from them for the primary, so I am now funded! You should start seeing signs go up soon, and I'll be getting a mailer out before the primary also.

This means I no longer need the $5 donations for clean elections, however I can still take seed money up to $150 a person until August 23rd. Anyone can donate no matter where you live. It really helps a lot because I can contact that many more voters through mail or signs.

Kaufman Says "No" to Pay Raises for Politicians

I served on the Commission on Salaries for Elected State Officers last week. The commission is responsible for recommending to the Governor whether state judges and elected officials should get pay raises. I voted against all such increases because budget cuts are hammering everyone from teachers to firefighters, who deserve raises as much as the state's judges and elected officials.

This Republic article quotes me as saying, "People don't run for governor for the salary . . . . We have plenty of candidates who want to perform." I was replying to an argument that we won't see qualified people run for Governor if the pay isn't sufficient. I said there were numerous qualified candidates from both sides of the aisle.

Meet-and-Greet on Wednesday, July 25

We will be having a meet-and-greet at Bethany Bible Church (6060 North Seventh Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85013 - in the Fireside room of the Activity building) on Wednesday July 25th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Here is a flyer about it.


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